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Discover deep psychographic and demographic insights about your audience, perform influencer research and develop content marketing by applying ‘data science’ to unstructured social data

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Social data is inherently noisy. Also, social media vanity metrics are not actionable and not integrated across the different channels. The People Pattern Audience Intelligence platform was designed to provide the most clean, accurate and compliant profile-level data and analytics in the most flexible manner. Reducing time to insights through rich reporting and enabling quicker action on true market intelligence.

Your Audience is developed from up to three primary sources

Our data science team is responsible for developing the core algorithms that dissect & classify audiences.  Machine learning & “human in the loop” techniques are used to give structure to unstructured documents such as Tweets, Facebook wall comments, Instagram posts, blog posts and customer reviews.  Other Methods include classification, regression, clustering, factor analysis, label propagation and topic modeling.


A compilation of 300+ million portraits (and growing) that have demographic, psychographic, behavioral & sentiment attributes available to help you define your audience.

Social Channels

Build an audience from social profiles. Use followers of one or more brands, or people actively involved in a conversation using #hashtags.

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First Party Data

Import your data with social handles to enrich them with actionable attributes, or use people patterns proprietary stitching service to match your customer data to social handles first.

The audience data is then normalized and analyzed
To produce in-depth audience intelligence
This audience intelligence can be consumed in a few different methods

Our platform creates visualizations of audience segments, personas, and topics to help you decide how to engage and with whom.  Surface immediate demographic, psychographic and behavioral insights and benchmarks for your brand and your competitors.  Once an audience segment is defined, generate in depth reports analyzing every aspect of that audience including things like relative influence with the click of a button.

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Portrait Database

Consisting of over 300 million individuals with connected profiles across all the top social channels, the People Based Dataset includes predicted demographics, interests and behavioral attributes. Used to generate an understanding of a target audience, develop look-a-like audience or discover new characteristics about a predefined audience. As the PDB continues to grow on a daily basis the opportunities are limitless.

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Delivering actionable insights via real-time web services the People Pattern APIs provide opportunities to embed audience intelligence into existing workflows or to enrich person records on other 3rd party systems.  Exposing search and lookup access to the Portrait DB as well as access to People Patterns proprietary stitching services and enrichment models these APIs allow for easy inclusion into existing business workflows.


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Eliminate the guesswork. In-house analysts deep dive into your audience data, validate existing audience segments and identify new segments to target. We’ll show you how to target your audience or competitive audience across demographic or psychographic attributes and build a data-driven content strategy that empowers your brand to create content that resonates with your target persona segments.

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Totally nerding out on @PeoplePattern - killer audience analysis tool! Amazing insights! #SocialMediaMarketing


– Elena A. Harper, Digital Marketing Director, LEWIS Pulse

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