Personalization at Scale

Activating Your Most Profitable Personas

Personalized marketing is the ultimate form of targeted marketing. By creating highly customized messages, marketers can better communicate how their product or service can meet consumer needs. More companies are beginning to implement personalized marketing into their campaigns, but in most cases the audience segments being targeted are still very wide. The more granular an audience you can find, the more personalized your messaging can be. Campaigns that are adapted to appeal to very specific audience members can be extremely effective when it comes to building and maintaining trust in your brands. This brief will summarize how to discover and activate audiences to personalize your marketing efforts at scale.

Data-Driven Audience Identification

Your marketing campaigns may be performing well, but with budget, time and other restraints, you may not have considered targeting audience persona segments other than those you’ve already identied. Deploying highly customized, quality content assets to potential customers is more eective than generic messaging delivered to the general public. Modern data science software like People Pattern can help you not only better understand the audiences you’ve already dened, but may also surprise you with audience segments you’ve never before considered. In the example below, we’re looking results returned after searching for people interested in vitamins. We knew that people who embrace healthful living—like Wellness professionals—would be inclined toward our new supplement oering. But the other personas the data returned also give us some interesting insights. Let’s take a look at the other two: the data is telling us that these personas would also be good targets for our marketing.

Identify and Refine Audience

Now that we have identified two additional personas to consider, let’s learn a bit more about them so we can begin planning our next moves.

Grab and Go

The Grab and Go persona takes supplements and vitamins to balance out a mostly unhealthy diet. They follow healthy brands in hopes of being persuaded to live a healthier life. The image below shows us additional attributes; now we understand they may best be reached by using Twitter as part of our campaign.

Overscheduled Parent

The Overscheduled Parent persona is a time-strapped parent who is concerned with cost, health and wellness. They incorporate physical wellness into daily life when they can nd the time. Again, the data gives us a better understanding of the interests and values of this persona. We see that this persona is active on a wider variety of social media platforms, which also includes Twitter.

Personalizing Messaging

When it comes time to create personalized messaging, consider the topics that will best resonate with the persona. Collect all the data you can get to learn how to “speak their language” to communicate effectively about your products and services. For example, although we believe our vitamin supplement can help people of all ages and walks of life feel their best, we will personalize messaging specifically for these two personas. When we create messaging personalized for the Grab and Go persona, we’ll want to be sure to focus on the product benefits that this type of customer appreciates most: a quick, simple, healthful addition to their busy lifestyle. Since the data also tells us this persona appreciates humor, perhaps we’ll also add some tongue-in-cheek attitude to the tone of the messaging we create for this persona. To create effective messaging for the Overscheduled Parent persona, we will also focus on our products being a quick and simple way to boost nutrition, but we will also focus on how our products can benet the whole family. We’ve learned that this persona is also interested in nutrition, beauty and shopping, so we can also tie in elements of holistically contributing to a healthy self through nutrition. No matter how many personas you intend to target, use the data to gather as much granular information as possible. When you have a deep understanding of a persona’s likes, dislikes, values and interests, you can customize your marketing messaging in a way that not only educates and informs, but may also entertain. By doing so, you can increase impressions and potentially prompt consumers to interact with and share your communications.

Fact-Based Media Planning

Another benet of leveraging data to understand personas for your existing and desired audiences is the ability to learn where best to deliver your messaging. You can do this by studying all the attributes of a specific persona. For example, we learned earlier that both the Grab and Go and Overscheduled Parent personas are active on Twitter. This tells us that Twitter might be a good place to start—both by posting about our products and creating promoted Twitter ad campaigns. Additionally, considering the interests of the personas you want to target can give you additional clues about where you can place your messaging. For example, the Overscheduled Parent persona consists mostly of females, with interests in nutrition, beauty and shopping. This could lead to ads or partnerships with fashion or beauty blogs as well as other brands related to those interests. And the Grab and Go persona audience is primarily male with interests in parenting, humor and healthcare. In this case, for example, we would consider ads or sponsored posts on parenting blogs authored by men. These are a few basic examples of the kinds of targeting that’s possible when you let the data do the work for you. You may nd other creative ways to communicate with buyers, including event sponsorship, email campaigns, Facebook groups, videos and guest blog posts, just to name a few. You’ll also want to create a combination of tactics to reach out to your targeted personas in a variety of ways; for example, don’t just rely on targeted email campaigns.


The time you spend on understanding your audience and tailoring messaging for specic targets is time well spent. When you focus your sales and marketing efforts on groups of individuals who are likelier to be predisposed to your brand’s products and services, you can reap better returns on your marketing investment when compared to marketing only to the general public. In addition, you gain the advantage of building a customer base with whom you can establish and maintain genuine conversations and they may spread the word about your brand to their friends and colleagues. Speaking directly to a persona’s needs and interests in a way that feels like word-of-mouth marketing can boost engagement with fans and customers today and in the future.

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