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What they say doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are.

Social data is not only unstructured but also very noisy. Current social analytics tools measure conversations and do not glean actionable insights. People Pattern's audience intelligence helps marketers understand the people behind their brand conversations.

The People-Based Dataset

Natural language processing and semi-supervised machine-learned classifiers predict demographic, psychographic and behavioral attributes on individuals and add the structure to social data needed to find actionable signals and segmentation opportunities.

Make Informed Decisions

People Pattern provides the most accurate, scalable and compliant profile-level data in the industry. You now have access to 300 million individuals to help build the right audience for:

• Market Research

• Persona Development

• Lead Generation

• Influencer Identification

• Data Enrichment

• Content Strategy

• Media Planning

You can find your People Pattern through our SaaS platform, APIs or through our team of research analysts.


Data Sources

1st Party Data


Customer Loyalty

Email House Lists


Public Social Data


Competitor Audience


Portrait Database

300M Search Portraits






Parental Status

Marital Status


Political Affiliation





Audience Insights

Persona Segments

Brand Affinities

Top Influencers


Email Marketing

New Segmentation with Personalized Content



Identity Resolution

Look-a-like Audiences

Media Placement


Audience Intelligence

Who is my existing digital audience?

Identify high-value personas and key segments. Perform competitive analysis.


Data Enrichment

How can I make my first-party data more actionable?

“Stitch” first-party data with third-party data to identify additional attributes and behaviors for existing customers. Find look-a-like audience with similar attributes.


Lead Generation

Who in my audience matters most? And how can I find them?

Identify top prospects, brand advocates and industry influencers?


Content Strategy

Now what? How do I

reach my high value


Given People Pattern insights,

personalize messaging and activate

target audiences with high precision.


“Went through official training of @PeoplePattern and I am overwhelmingly impressed. If you aren’t using the platform, you are not winning.” - Michael Brito


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