Liebeskind Berlin is a fashion-forward European luxury brand whose bold identity attracts a young, creative audience abroad. Unsure how to grow the brand within the new North American audience, Liebeskind needed a deeper understanding of the new market.


Identify distinguishing attributes between international markets to drive brand awareness as the brand prepared for a North American launch. Identify look-alike audience segments to increase market share. Additionally, increase sales through specialty retailers.


Liebeskind used People Pattern to understand their developing North American audience and illustrate how the brand’s aesthetic distinguished itself in the market. Seeking to expand with an iconic retail partner, Liebeskind was able to successfully identify an overlap in demographic, interests and topics of discussion

between their audience and potential retailers.


“We used the data to successfully position ourselves and accelerate growth in the already saturated consumer market. Using People Pattern's audience analysis, we closed a multi-million dollar order in our first meeting with a major retailer. “

- Nathalie Spears, CEO

34k new personas identified

1% Demographics identified Across audience were Within 1% of retailer’s data

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