In a dynamic landscape with outdated market research, Cisco needed a new outlook and definition on their current digital

audience, along with specific insights as relating to emerging trends around SDN, mobility and cloud for Cisco. Garnering these insights within a few weeks was important for timely campaigns.


Identify and classify the cisco social Audiences, understand its place amongst Competitors within the SDN-related conversation.


People Pattern provided in-depth analysis of the Cisco and competitive audiences to identify unique demographics, interests

and behaviors within each. Additional analysis around the defined topics (SDN, mobility, cloud) revealed where Cisco fit within the competitive landscape. Such Audience insight informed content strategy to engage current fans while uncovering new opportunities for influencing new audiences.


“This tool should be very helpful in learning how to reach our target audience… including how to determine our audience

overlap with competitors and how to find who our followers' influencers are.“ - Cisco Digital Employee

4 new personas identified

16 influencers identified per persona

5 competitive audiences analyzed

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