Bacardi & People PatternUSING PEOPLE PATTERN TOREACH THE RIGHT INFLUENCERSPEOPLE PATTERN | BACARDI’S MARKET PROBLEMNielsen tells us that 92% of consumers trust earned media such as personal recommendations, above all other forms of advertising. Therefore brands are looking to influencers to organically promote their brand, teach other consumers about the brand’s product and help to sell more product through user-generated content. Bacardi’s Challenge: One way that Bacardi takes a consumer-focused approach to marketing is through influencers. In partnering with high-value influencers at brand-sponsored events, the brand is able to drive friendly buzz and advocacy. Influencers are chosen based on factors such as reach and relevancy, then they have to be vetted. Even if an individual aligns with brand messaging, Bacardi must have reasonable confidence that 71.6% of their following has to be above 21 years old or face legal implications.PEOPLE PATTERN | IDENTIFY BACARDI INFLUENCERSStep One: Identify the larger seed set of influencers, based on People Pattern’s predicted interests to uncover influencers who are relevant to the brand.PEOPLE PATTERN | UNCOVER BACARDI INFLUENCERS83% ofaudience 21+82% of93% of audience 21+audience 21+X59.8% ofaudience 21+Step Two: Analyze the top ten identified influencers across social networks including Instagram, Twitter and Vine, to ensure each influencer is in line with Bacardi’s criteria of relevancy, reach and audience age. Only eight were FTC compliant.PEOPLE PATTERN | BACARDI INFLUENCER CONVERSATIONPEOPLE PATTERN | BACARDI’S KEY RESULT S225k followers analyzed across social platforms in 5 hours 3.8m reach from influencers across social platforms during campaign 2 influencers identified as not compliant, and therefore removed from consideration as official influencersPEOPLE PATTERN | HOW WE DO ITThe People Pattern Age Classifier outputs a birth year given a social profile. The information the Classifier has access to includes the user’s name, the screen name (a.k.a. handle), the user’s description, location, and, in some cases, posts by the user and other accounts that user follows.People Pattern starts with hundreds of thousands of accounts for which we have verified age information, which allows us to predict age bins or birth years. We also use information from the census for the distribution of each name over time, and we incorporate indirectly supervised accounts that use years in their screen names (e.g. JonSmith1984).Once age is given for an individual, People Pattern displays the percentage of individuals over 21 years old.PEOPLE PATTERN | VALUE PROPOSITIONAs new audiences come of age, alcohol brands must reach them through trusted peers. Brands want and need to speak through the mouthpiece of age-appropriate drinkers to influence purchase decisions. Yet in such a strictly regulated market, digital communications can only be placed in media where at least 71.6% of the audience is reasonably expected to be of legal drinking age. People Pattern makes it easy to quickly identify influencers and audience segments who are relevant and impactful to your brand, while also FTC compliant.Contact

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