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Several years ago, while developing cutting edge marketing solutions which leveraged social data at Spredfast, Ken Cho realized that data collected from social platforms was not truly being taken advantage of.  He understood that all companies must ensure that their services and marketing efforts are personalized, provide ongoing value, and continually win the hearts (and share of wallet) of their customers.  This is traditionally done through market research, but traditional market research is broken and cannot keep up with the expanding reach that modern technology is providing to more and more customers.


Traditional market research provides great insights but relies on poor data.  Nobody answers polls anymore, and the people who do hardly ever answer them honestly.  Yet there is a vast ocean of open and public opinions which have no bias.  This is the ocean of social data, which is growing exponentially.  Unfortunately, most modern social marketing platforms do nothing more than count hashtags or mentions, there is no true analysis happening and no customer intelligence being provided.

This is when Ken realized that it was the marriage of the two, traditional market research and the vast amount of opinions available in social data, that would be the next generation of market research.  The key to this was the need for natural language processing and machine learning.  This is where Ken partnered with Jason Baldridge, then a professor of computational linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin,  to use machine learning, exploratory data analysis and natural language processing to create the world’s best audience intelligence solution based on semi-structured social data. This allows companies to remove the silos around traditional marketing and social marketing, and leverage social data to provide value across the whole organization.  Insights are developed faster and customers can be activated directly on the relevant social platforms.


The Team

Ken Cho




Ken has held roles in finance and tech at IBM, Lehman Brothers, and Enron (read those stories here). He later founded Spredfast, a SaaS platform that allows organizations to manage, monitor and measure their social media programs.


Ken has an Economics degree from Wesleyan and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He will maintain for eternity that Oasis is the world’s greatest band.






Jason uses his expertise in natural language processing and machine learning to power the platform, turning unstructured text into structured datasets. Jason was an Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin until 2016, and is one of the co-creators of the Apache OpenNLP Toolkit.


Jason received his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in 2002, where his doctoral dissertation was awarded the 2003 Beth Dissertation Prize from the European Association for Logic, Language and Information.

Jay Valanju


Jay brings a background in technology and operations at various startups. He founded Buzz Points, a rewards and loyalty platform for banks, and FundsXpress (acquired by First Data Corporation), one of the first internet banking companies. He has a passion for building companies that leverage data to enrich people's lives.


Jay has a Physics degree from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He and his wife's house has more cats (5) than humans (3).

Steve Blackmon


Steve was previously the Director of Data Sciences at W2O Group and founded Ravel, an enterprise grade analytics solution for discovering insights from big data. His specialties include web software and services, social media data management, data analysis with Hadoop and related technologies, data analysis with Spark and related technologies, documented data-stores, graph databases, statistical methods, predictive analytics, time-series analyses, graph algorithms, machine learning algorithms and textual analysis.

Omid Reza Sedghatian


Omid Reza Sedaghatian brings expertise in product design and strategy to the People Pattern team. This is from his years of experience engaging with both customers and engineers, and translating market needs into product features and workflows. He has worked with both SaaS and On-premise technologies and has a strong background in big data from his work at data focused companies such as Dun & Bradstreet. With his unique experience and training in areas such as Human Centered Design and Pragmatic Product Management, Omid is able to develop a unique understanding of market needs and package those into user friendly products and services.

Welcome to the edge of the future.

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