Empower your marketing. Discover your people pattern.
Audience intelligence based on people and data science
The platform
Generate new leads and maximize customer relationships with People Pattern. People Pattern automates the collection and analysis of data to help you identify, understand and activate high impact segments.
People Pattern's Platform:
Builds robust views of your audience by stitching open social media data to client operational data such as house files and customer loyalty records
Dissects & classifies your audience(s) across demographic, psychographic, sentiment & intent to identify and extend vital personas
Turns audience and topic data into prescriptive messages to activate audiences by better targeting engagement, offers & services
We deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time.
With People Pattern you can:
Enhance customer data with social profiles & content; add demographic, psychographic, sentiment & intent classifiers
Identify hidden personas using cluster analysis and topic modeling
Discover prospective customers that look like your existing customer
Execute real-time marketing research and loyalist/dissenter engagement
The science
Let the science of predictive analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning inform your strategy.
The People Pattern Advanced Analytics Process
Open & Proprietary Data
Obtain operational client data and relevant social media conversations about your brand & competitors
Data Normalization
Achieve data uniformity (e.g. de-dupe, misspellings, language identification)
Profile Stitching
Disambiguate unified social media profiles using rule-based & clustering algorithms creating the People Pattern user object
Predictive Modeling
Semi-supervised classification: Flat & hierarchical classification, label propagation
Exploratory Data Analysis
Unsupervised modeling: Topic modeling, clustering, factor analysis, latent variable modeling
Audience Dashboard
Visualizations of audience subsegments, personas, and topics to help decide which one(s) to engage
Target & Positioning
Establish a differentiated position for a product or service in relation to your competition using omni-channel engagement (e.g. social ads, apps & email targeting)
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